Da Vinci Hotel Milan

I AM SEMBA 2019 – Review

Intro I AM SEMBA 2019 –The latest contribution to the, Milan-based, event’s legacy and to the appetite for Semba in the Kizomba community? Our opinion below:     ————————————————————————————————————— Synopsis If you don’t read to the end, here is what you need to know: On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a completely negative experience and 10 being an overwhelmingly positive one, this year’s Semba … Continue reading I AM SEMBA 2019 – Review

Hungarian Parliament Budapest

Budapest Kizomba Connection 2019 – REVIEW

Budapest Kizomba Connection – A festival heavily reliant on its venue location wow-factor and a history of successful editions. BKC9 edition promised to continue a tradition of epic music, superb location, great vibe and an overall unique dancing experience. It succeeded on some fronts, however, in an over-saturated festival market, compromising on key elements, such as music, puts the, relatively expensive, festival, in the heart … Continue reading Budapest Kizomba Connection 2019 – REVIEW

Ella Europe 2019 – REVIEW

Ella Europe 2019 – the reboot concept with a tonne of potential. After a year’s gap between the first Lisbon edition back in 2017, Ella returned to Europe this January with a promising concept and glowing line-up. Being the first Meu Semba outing of 2019 we were keen to see what the organising team had prepared and I was glad to escape the plummeting winter … Continue reading Ella Europe 2019 – REVIEW