Riquita Alta


Riquita is the youngest of four siblings. Born in Benguela, a southern province of Angola to an Angolan mother and Portuguese father in the early 1970’s and on the cusp of its independence from Portugal. Due to the Civil War that ensued in Angola in 1975, Riquita and her family were forced to flee their homeland and become refugees in Portugal, where she was to … Continue reading SPOTLIGHT X RIQUITA ALTA

Blaise Mwami Top 5

Blaise Mwami – Top 5 Congolese Songs of 2017

LM Villa Nova Feat Fabregas I ZIGIDA FELIX WAZEKWA – LEOPARDS FIMBU NA FIMBU Werrason – DIEMBA (Balançoire Générique) Robinio Mundibu – Tsha Nanu Boye BILL CLINTON – KIBOTA #Generique Blaise Mwami is an internationally recognised DJ and teacher of Congolese descent based in London, he currently teaches and DJs at different festivals around Europe sharing his love and passion for Afro Rhythms and Kizomba. … Continue reading Blaise Mwami – Top 5 Congolese Songs of 2017