DJ HUGO BOSS: Top 10 Ghetto Zouk of 2019

Hugo Silva, known as DJ Hugo Boss is an internationally recognised DJ of Mozambican descent, raised in Portugal and based in London. Apart from music he has also ventured into organising festivals namely Maningue Nice Festival and its 2021 edition is live, you can keep up with updates HERE and you can connect with Hugo here. Hugo Gave us his TOP 10 GHETTO ZOUK SONGS OF … Continue reading DJ HUGO BOSS: Top 10 Ghetto Zouk of 2019

Soundcloud kizomba mixes


Do you have a long drive ahead? perhaps a long train or bus journey? or just doing some chores in your PJ’s… the mixes below will keep you dancing while the time passes you by unnoticed. Part two … Just press PLAY! Kalcidony Turn Down the Lights – Ghetto Zouk mix Deejay MiroKikola ♚ DJ MIROKIKOLA-KISEMBAKOLA VOL.9 Tracklist: 1 JOJO GOUVEIA – NBUANJA 2 HUMBERTO … Continue reading LATEST SOUNDCLOUD MIXES PT 2

What is Kizomba by Eddy Vents

What is Kizomba?

INTRO: ORAL TRADITIONS African people have a rich oral tradition that insures the passage of cultural practices from one generation to the next. Scholars such as Malmusi, 1990; Rycroft, 1962, Stone,1982 argue that oral literature and music are intimately connected in most parts of Africa and are often impossible to separate (Shelemany in Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicans, 2001). Listening has been an important … Continue reading What is Kizomba?