Less Is More Project Volume II – London

Neelam Suman has released the next phase in her Less is more initiative: Less Is More shows the the dance as close to it’s truest form and empowers women to build confidence whilst raising money for cancer support. Less Is More Volume II – London Battersea Park – 14th July 2018 – OFFICIAL VIDEO with Neelam Kumari Suman featuring guest Sophie Fox & Riquita Alta. … Continue reading Less Is More Project Volume II – London

DJ Miro Kikola


When did you start DJing – and what and/or who were your early influences? My passion for music started in Angola, as my uncle always used to collect old-school music and on weekends he would play his collections. Growing up on this routine I started to appreciate the little details and vibes of each song. By the time I moved to Portugal, where I lived … Continue reading SPOTLIGHT X DJ MIRO KIKOLA