Loss, Destiny and Success: Interview with Lucibela

A lot has changed since Lucibela first sang in public; she recalls singing in high school on Valentine’s day to a playback of a Brazilian song. The journey hasn’t been easy, the death of her mother amongst others has seen her grow from strength to strength. After months of trying, I finally had the opportunity to speak to Lucibela about her musical journey especially her … Continue reading Loss, Destiny and Success: Interview with Lucibela


There’s something unique, refreshing and vulnerable about Sara Tavares’s latest album Fitxadu. If you don’t believe me, I dare you to listen to Coisas Bunitas or Ginga without clutching your hands over your chest, smiling and dancing across your bedroom. In this exclusive interview, I speak to Sara about her musical journey and her latest album, Fitxadu. Hi Sara, thanks for agreeing to this. Could … Continue reading INTERVIEW WITH SARA TAVARES