CKF Kyaku Kiadaff Concert

CKF 2019 – Review

CKF 2019 – the festival that knows how to entertain December’s dance festival highlight, as we are used to by now, was the Christmas Kizomba Festival, in Lisbon. For those who don’t know, CKF owes its success to the combined talent and efforts of the Fantastic Four (Paulo & Lanna and Miguel & Susana).      ————————————————————————————————————— Highlights If you don’t read until the end, here is … Continue reading CKF 2019 – Review

Da Vinci Hotel Milan

I AM SEMBA 2019 – Review

Intro I AM SEMBA 2019 –The latest contribution to the, Milan-based, event’s legacy and to the appetite for Semba in the Kizomba community? Our opinion below:     ————————————————————————————————————— Synopsis If you don’t read to the end, here is what you need to know: On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a completely negative experience and 10 being an overwhelmingly positive one, this year’s Semba … Continue reading I AM SEMBA 2019 – Review

Hungarian Parliament Budapest

Budapest Kizomba Connection 2019 – REVIEW

Budapest Kizomba Connection – A festival heavily reliant on its venue location wow-factor and a history of successful editions. BKC9 edition promised to continue a tradition of epic music, superb location, great vibe and an overall unique dancing experience. It succeeded on some fronts, however, in an over-saturated festival market, compromising on key elements, such as music, puts the, relatively expensive, festival, in the heart … Continue reading Budapest Kizomba Connection 2019 – REVIEW

Ginga Festival Logo

Ginga 2019 Festival Review

Ginga 2019: the all-in, all-star edition Ginga 2019 edition was announced to be the final instalment in this festival’s story and it promised to be unmissable with top teachers, live performances, countless special guests and lots of surprises. Looking back at the weekend, I certainly hope it won’t be the last we’ll see of the Hamburg-based project. Ginga 2019 ticked all the boxes and drew … Continue reading Ginga 2019 Festival Review

Ella Europe 2019 – REVIEW

Ella Europe 2019 – the reboot concept with a tonne of potential. After a year’s gap between the first Lisbon edition back in 2017, Ella returned to Europe this January with a promising concept and glowing line-up. Being the first Meu Semba outing of 2019 we were keen to see what the organising team had prepared and I was glad to escape the plummeting winter … Continue reading Ella Europe 2019 – REVIEW


Our Top 5 Fragrances For Women 2018

Ever smell your go-to perfume on three other ladies at a party in one night? Bring your personal touch to the dance floor by introducing your olfactory wardrobe to our favourite 2018 fragrances so far. From fresh, citrus notes to bold and beautiful florals here are 5 fragrances to explore: 1. Tom Ford – Eau De Soleil Blanc Fresh, summery and bright – Eau De … Continue reading Our Top 5 Fragrances For Women 2018


Our Top 5 Fragrances For Men 2018

When on the dance floor, we all want to be on point – from our moves to our shoes and from how we look to how we smell. So, gentlemen, here are some of our favourite fragrances for men to complement that fresh, crisp shirt (that hopefully won’t get covered in make-up…*cough* ladies please ) 1. Jo Malone – Wood, Sage & Sea Salt Suitable … Continue reading Our Top 5 Fragrances For Men 2018