My Top 5 Mixes online

As we are all returning to life in close contact and Djs begin to work again, the drought of new mixes on SoundCloud and Youtube specifically seems to be showing signs of an end.

I’ve definitely noticed that the rate at which new mixes have been churned out by Djs significantly dropped during lockdown. A lot of Djs favoured live Facebook sessions instead and it was great as it kept a lot of people positive during a trying time for us all.


Relatively new to me but I enjoyed easy listening mixes from Dj Lemzo II Sadly, only two mixes so far but I’m excited to hear more.

First mix from DJ Lemzo

Second mix from DJ Lemzo

A lot of the Djs I got use to pre-pandemic are either MIA or just not back to the work rate i got spoilled with, that being said there are still some good musical experiences packaged into some of the mixes I’m sharing today.

He isn’t new to us and we like him a lot because he also provides a track list

Few mixes from him below, definitely check him out.

BONUS track from October 2021 in case you haven’t heard it already
Minha Mboa by Flavio Lisboa

Lastly, this promo mix for Kizomba Treat was an unexpected one for us as we had never heard of the DJ prior to this, have a listen and let us know your thoughts:

I’m pretty confident you’ll have a great time listening and even dancing to these mixes.
That said, I’d be more than happy to get suggestions from you based on which Djs you’re listening to, feel free to send your suggestions across.

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