When did you start DJ-ing – and what and/or who were your early influences?

I started DJ-ing effectively back in 1995 with my cousin but looking back through my memories, I realised my first DJ sets were earlier than that, when I was 4, back in Brazzaville as I used to play my little LP players in the courtyard to my friends and family every Saturday evening and we were dancing to the then hits.

My early influences are Congolese rumba, Ivory Coast zouglou, makossa from Cameroon, Zouk, AfroZouk, HipHop, RnB, Dancehall, Kwaito, Mbalax from Senegal, House, Jazz, Rock, Classic, Salsa, Meringue, Soca, Kompa, Reggea, Sega, Samba, CaboLove, Kizomba, Rai ( Arabic), etc, etc…

I was listening to so so so so much music from all backgrounds with no distinction

What are your pre-set rituals or what you do to prepare for your set?

In term of music I would generally go through my music to get some tracklists ready, preparing my mind to create specific flows, or “story to tell”, making sure I don’t miss or forget unique tracks, also giving me an opportunity to revisit tracks not played or not played enough, forcing me to change my playlist around. Right before the set, when arriving at venue, I would take ten minutes to set myself time to meditate and pray…connecting my spirit to the venue, then to the crowd with idea to take them on a journey ( weird I know but real facts)

What’s been the best event that you’ve ever played in and why?

I would put two events at the same level : A Back to Basic party in Paris during summer 2016 I think and one of my own party Atlantis Club in London ‘s anniversary. The public was just awesome, the atmosphere off the hook and I let myself go dropping it like there was no tomorrow…Played tunes I would not venture to play and they sounded just better than I imagined.

What advice would you give to upcoming DJ’s?


Outside of music, what else do you do to relax, hobbies & interests?

I read a lot of comics, books, researches or reports on Mother Nature matters, African social and political affairs, practice meditation, go to the gym, research a lot on religion or spiritual things from around the world …and try and catch some rest as I am always on the run

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