Victoria attended 14 festivals in 2018 so we thought she’d be a great person to ask* for her TOP 5 Festivals of 2018, a much needed female perspective to give balance. 

For many people who don’t have a full view of the growing scene in America, she also re-directs focus in what is currently a rather Euro-centric festival scene.

*It probably should be noted that there may have been some degree of dance bribery involved in getting this list…the things I do for Meu Semba!!!

Victoria: “As promised after the dances: my top 5 fests of 2018 in no particular order:”

Sawa Sawa, Washington DC
NEXT EVENT: Sawa Sawa Kizomba Festival 2019

Toque Toronto, Canada
NEXT EVENT: Toque Toronto Kizomba Festival

Steel City Kizomba Festival, Pittsburgh, USA (smaller weekender so better small size classroom learning and sociable dancing but the real draw is the Friday night home cooked Angolan & African meal prepared by the instructors so wear your stretchy clothes.
NEXT EVENT: Steel City Kizomba Festival 2019

Like Lisbon
NEXT EVENT: Like Festival Lisbon X

Miami Beach Kizomba Festival  – due to their great headline performance acts, over 1000 attendees bring their own energy and great sociable pool parties sometimes better than evening socials.
NEXT EVENT: Miami Beach Kizomba Festival 2019

There you have it, we hope to attend some of these and give our full MeuSemba review on the ones we attend…see you soon, Victoria, and thanks for sharing!!

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