Joseph Wagner is an avid traveller, in 2017 alone he attended 29+ festivals and shared with us his Top 10 festivals of 2017.

In 2018 he attended 20+ festivals, which is quite impressive by anyone’s standards, once again Joseph has shared with us his TOP 10 Kizomba Festivals of 2018 in no particular order.

Helsinki – Fiki 2018 – Very nice atmosphere, good music, Ice swimming was amazing

Bratislava – Picante! 2018 – Like always, nice crowd, great music and nice concerts
NEXT EVENT: Picante 2019 With Puto Portuguese

Moscow – Kizzafro 2018 – Best of Best in Russia, Kizomba Floor was busy and music was good.

Warsaw – Warsaw Kizomba Festival 2018 – Great as always, all-in-one Venue, good music, close to airport, nice social and enough people on both dance floors.
NEXT EVENT: Warsaw Kizomba Festival 2019

Zagreb – Kizomba Passion 2018 – Great music, nice people, all-in-one and nice social…. Kizomba floor was not busy enough.
NEXT EVENT: Zagreb kizomba Passion 2019

Lisbon – Like Festival 2018 – Best festival because of concert with Yola Semedo. Good balance and familiar elements. 

Vilnius Kizomba Festival 2018 – Great Music, nice city, busy dance floor. Always fun … I Love Vilnius
NEXT EVENT: Vilnius Kizomba Festival 2019

Budapest – Kizomba Connection – this festival is one of the highlights of the year, though it repeats the same format, same venue, same Dj’s but simply the best music … Budapest is just a great city. When weather is great Budapest is unbeatable.

Bratislava – Mekuia Festival – Great atmosphere, very good music. La Fiesta (Now La BOMBA) is alway great. Loved it very much and even took a full pass for 2019. I stayed 2 nights and regret it. Next year a must and 3 nights!!
NEXT EVENT: Mekuia Festival 2019

Kassel – X Mas Gala Festival – Great venue, small but very lovely Kizomba floor. Very nice friends/family festival. Sabine is a great host
NEXT EVENT: X Mas Gala Festival 2019

Bratislava – Toma Toma 6: This time it was on a Boat!! Nice view, good music and a different atmosphere from what we were used to in la bomba. Still great festival with great people and music
NEXT EVENT:  Toma Toma 7 

London – Like London 2018 – Good music, nice location. 
NET EVENT: LIKE London 2019

Göteborg – Sweden Kizomba Festival 2018 – Nice city, big venue, big Kizomba floor but not many people, music was good.
NEXT EVENT: Sweden Kizomba Festival 2019


There you have it, we hope to attend some of these and give our full MeuSemba review on the ones we attend…see you soon Joseph and thanks!!

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