He Gave us his Top 10 KIZOMBA Tracks of 2018, now DJ Jair has graced us with his top 10 Coladeira songs of 2018, with some added extras (we are starting to think this is his signature …give us Honourable mentions list that is bigger than the top 10 – we see you…)

Here it is, enjoy these and add them to your listening list.

TOP 10 Coladeira 2018 (Random Order)

1. Cremilda Medina – Divôrce um’ ca ta Sená (***See Note below)

2. Milu Tavares – Amor Sem Volta (My Top Choice for 2018)

3. Elida Almeida – Djam Odja (***See Note Below)

4. Roy Job Ft Grace Evora & Kyle Job – Xtoria D-Bo Manera

5. Lucibela – Mi E Dode Na Bô Cabo Verde

6. Grace Evora – Bo Vice ( See Note Below)

7. Rosa Mestre – Pont D’Incontre

8. Milu Tavares – Nha Perdison

9. Ritinha Lobo – Salina

10. Johny Ramos – Angelina


*** These were released late 2017 but didn’t receive much exposure until 2018


Honourable Mentions

Milu Tavares – Vida

John Delgado – Mindelo

Yola Semedo – Mexe Mexe

Rosa Mestre – Criole peculiar

Tote Zabel – Anjo Divino

Roy Job – Nos Amizad (Ft Ze Rui De Pina)

Rosa Mestre – Vint Escud

Rosa Mestre – Cabelo Branco

John Delgado – Mangonheiro

Tote Zabel – Sheila

Ze Timas – Coladera Mix

Lucibela – Chica Di Nha Maninha

Lucibela – Porto Novo Vila Crioula

Lucibela – Novo Olhar

Milu Tavares – Franguinha Redondinha

Livongh & Tito Paris – Amor Com AMor – (Cola -Semba, but deserves a mention)

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