DJ Galo Kizomba



When did you start DJing – and what and/or who were your early influences?

Started Back in 2005. My early influences where DJ Znobia, DJ Malvado, DJ Starting from Scratch and of course DJ Jazzy Jeff.

What are your pre-set rituals or what you do to prepare for your set?

To be honest most of the times I don’t prepare a set for a particular event, due to different reasons ex: previous DJs playing all the songs in your set or simply the room not feeling your prepared set as you play it.

I believe in always knowing your music, organizing it and paying attention to the room’s energy.

What’s been the best event that you’ve ever played in and why?

The best event that I have played in was back in 2008 in Cape Verde at a club named Caravela, still don’t know why but there is something nostalgic about playing or partying in Africa.

What advice would you give to upcoming DJ’s?

Stay true to what you like, the rest will fall into place.

Outside of music, what else do you do to relax, hobbies & interests?

I’m a football (soccer) junkie, on my free time I am either watching or playing footbal.

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