MEU SEMBA launches Amateur Semba Competition

After months of planning, we are excited to launch our first official Amateur Semba Competition.

Our partners for the day, VIAGEM will be hosting the event whilst Ginga Kizomba Festival in Hamburg will be our main sponsor.

Please find below information about the competition. See you on the dancefloor.

MEU SEMBA Amateur Semba Competition
10th November 2018



The National Amateur Semba Competition is open to all residents of the United Kingdom.
This competition is not open to advanced Semba dancers or experienced Semba teachers.
The Decisions of the jury should be respected and will be final and without appeal. Any form of disrespect from the participants, or teachers towards the judges, the organisation and/or the public in general, is prohibited and will not be tolerated.


ROUND 1- SEMI FINAL – Semba Social: 2 minutes Semba Cadencia.
10 pairs of contestants will improvise, one pair at a time. Each pair will dance to 1 Semba song for 2 minutes, the music will be chosen by the competition’s official DJ.

The 5 pairs with highest total scores will qualify and proceed to the final round

ROUND 2 – FINAL – Semba Show: 2 Minutes Semba Show/Carneval
5 pairs of contestants will improvise one pair at a time. Each pair will dance to 1 Semba song for 2 minutes, the music will be chosen by the competition’s official DJ.

They will be classified into 1st, 2nd & 3rd place according to their total scores.

• The minimum age requirement for participation is 18 years of age.
• All accommodation/transport arrangement will be at competitors’ cost.
• Meu Semba Organisation has the final say on who is accepted and can accept or decline any participant as desired.
• Entry Deadline – 1st November 2018 – subject to a maximum of 10 couples participation.

• Dancers cannot participate as competitors and also take on a juror role during the same competition.
• During the competition there will be no direct communication between members of the jury and competitors. Any channel of communication must be made through the organisation.
• During the Competition phases, couples will be judged by members of the jury and these judges will be appointed by the Meu Semba organisation.

• The selection of songs will be released up to 4weeks before the main competition so that contestants might gain familiarity with possible songs on competition day.

• During the Semi-final (Semba Social) phase acrobatic tricks which are not clearly in synch with the music or show a clear interpretation or accentuation of the music would be considered inappropriate.

• During the Final (Semba Show), while tricks to show the flair and competence of the dancers are allowed, it is advised to make sure that execution of tricks clearly align with the music and accentuate the dynamics happening within the music. i.e. breaks in the music, instrumental solos etc.

• Participants will keep the same number throughout the competition.

The dancers will be evaluated according to these criteria:

The couples aesthetics (hairstyle, costume, makeup, etc …) will be judged and marked as part of the performance.
Contestants must wear matching outfits (it does not have to be a costume).

• TECHNICAL: (20%)
Posture\Steps\”Passadas” mastery and execution of movements.

Use of new / different movements in the Improvisation.

Definition and consistent use of timing during the execution of the dance, complexity, movement synchronisation with the music.

• Ginga/Banga/Movement (25%)
Fluidity of body movement, flare, showmanship, audience engagement.

The organisation will provide the jury with all necessary documents in order to do an assessment following the above criteria.

• The jury will judge the couples according to their performance in each event, not by personal relationships or matters unrelated to the competition.
• The jury must maintain a neutral stance during the competition so as not to influence participating couples. No signs or gestures are to be given to indication the remaining time through signs or gestures.
• Out of respect for the participating couples, the Jury shall show no expression of irony, contentment, disgust or laughing. This behaviour is considered unethical.

Offenses committed by a couple or one of its components, shall be punished as follows:
• The non-compliance with the articles of this Regulation, will result in the couples getting a reduction of points or being disqualified from the competition.
• The weight of the sentence will be determined and applied by a disciplinary committee composed of members of the Jury and organisation.

• For the duration of the competition, couples must confirm their participation within 24 HOURS preceding the day of the qualification competition.
• Entry into the competition is reserved by payment of £30 per couple registration fee – this is non refundable.
• Payment can be made via paypal to, in cash, in person or by bank transfer. Please contact us via to register and inform/confirm payment and to ask for bank details for bank transfer.
• Couples cannot participate in any qualification stage without first presenting the original of this regulation, signed by both participants and paying the registration fee.
• The use of accessories and decorations will not be permitted during the performances.
• The organisation is not responsible for any loss or theft of personal items.
• MEU SEMBA does not take any responsibility and will not be liable for any injury or accidents that occur during a performance in either Stage 1 or 2 of the competition
• MEU SEMBA reserves the right to the possession and use of any video and photography sequence or any other means of gathering sound and image communication of participants in all events in which they participate in the contest.
• This Regulation may undergo modifications, which will be updated and published on the website and Facebook page MeuSemba, up to 1 week before the date of Competition – 10th Nov.

• The couple that emerges as the winner will be crowned THE MEU SEMBA – UK – AMATEUR SEMBA CHAMPIONS
• The top 3 couples will also benefit from FREE passes at different International festivals.


You can also join this Pages on Facebook to follow up all the news:
Meu Semba Facebook page
Facebook event page

Prizes to be announced soon.

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