DJ Frank


When did you start DJing – and what and/or who were your early influences?

I started around 2011. At that time it was mainly about selecting songs to put together playlists for Bachata and Kizomba floors at local Salsa parties. Soon after I started mixing, mainly influenced by the principle of harmonic mixing. My role models and teachers have been DJ To Costa and DJ Sabura.

What are your pre-set rituals or what you do to prepare for your set?

Well, first of all I make sure my equipment is set up properly. Then I try to get calm so that I can focus 100% on the music and the dancers.

Sometimes I prepare parts of a set in advance and sometimes I don’t — It depends on whether I play as the first/only DJ or in between. In that case, it’s important to listen carefully to what the other DJs have played.

What’s been the best event that you’ve ever played in and why?

Playing at major events is still something new for me, so every event is a highlight. The first Kizomba festival I attended was Warsaw Kizomba Festival, DJing there twice was something very special for me.

What advice would you give to upcoming DJ’s?

Never stop learning, be thankful, be humble, and try to find your own style instead of copying others. And again: never stop learning!

Outside of music, what else do you do to relax, hobbies & interests?

Well, I dance a lot – but that’s not really “outside of music”, is it?

I work as an electronics engineer. I would also consider electronics a hobby of mine. Besides that I do a bit of sports and I enjoy travelling.


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