How did you get into dancing?

Music was always present in my life but as a young teen I started moving in the wrong direction, running from school and having the wrong people around me, so my brother took me to a Capoeira Angola class, and that moment completely changed my life. Since then there hasn’t been a day without dancing.

What projects are you currently working on?

During work days, I teach classes in Estonia where I live and organize the iKIZ festival and on weekends I travel to events around the world with my dance partner Iryna.

I’m also working on the World Kizomba Project which we started a few months ago with the goal of promoting Kizomba and uniting the scene and that’s been amazing so far.

What’s been the most memorable moment of your journey as a dancer, so far?

This whole journey is one big non-stop transformative adventure moment for me. I wake up each morning with a grateful heart because of it.

What advice would you give to up & coming dancers looking at you for inspiration?

Always remain a master student, especially if you become a teacher. Stay humble and have fun.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

During this month I plan to announce a few big projects I’ve been working on for a long time, and for that I’m super excited about. The goal is to help even more people, not just dancers, but people in need.


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