Every week, I like to keep myself up-to-date with the latest music from some the best DJ’s in the business. It’s always a fun and exciting journey – I simply do not know what I will get from these legends and I am happy to let them surprise me. When its a really good mix, I will usually add it to my playlist for socials at our weekly classes.

Below are some of the mixes that have tickled my ears in the past few weeks, we will try our best to keep them coming regularly but for our first edition you will have to binge listen…

Dj MoDaC
Kizomba Summer London 2018


Kizomba/Semba Mix- 100% Bio Stou Dance

DJ Afrodeshiak

Live from Philly The Next One-Weekender Experience – MIX

Dj Hugo Boss 007

Dj Hugo Boss – Nomad Club London – MIX

Dj AfriQ

The Ultimate Soukous Guide | Dj AfriQ | MemoryLaneSeries

Padada Padada Semba Mix | Dj AfriQ| Summer 2018 | Fanseries

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