Best shoe brands for kizomba/semba dancers


Speaking to hundreds of people asking what brand of shoes they wear to parties, festivals and events is not as easy as it seems. I’ve learnt a lot through this research about the preparation required for dance nights & tricks used over the years to maintain a pain free night (That’s another post!).

I went on this journey thinking I had an idea of what brands people thought were superior because of the number of flashy shoes you saw on the dancefloor but the more people I spoke to, the more names of my list shrank and I immediately understood, comfort is more important than style.

It was perfectly summarised by these words ‘Comfort can last the whole night while style flatters in the first few hours.’

The below are the brands that kept coming up, a combination of quality, elegance and comfort.


Price: £160

Although the prices could seem expensive at £160 per pair, the quality and comfort of their shoes can’t be questioned with most dancers raving on how comfortable they are. Others praising the longevity it holds, most owning a pair for over 3 years with minimal wear & tear.

Get yourself a pair here.


Price: £80 – £170

The prices are relatively cheap when you consider how much dancers spend on shoes each year. What strikes me is the quality that the designer has managed to maintain whilst not letting cost skyrocket in producing quality shoes. An affordable array of dance shoe options combining unique design pieces with trendy colours.

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