As a newbie in the kizomba scene, you can find yourself looking and failing to find new kizomba/semba mixes and when you do find them, most of them are outdated. You long for DJs that continually expose you to recent music. We know the pain involved and finally look no further.

These DJs have consistently delivered high quality mixes, introducing and adding variety to our musical vocabulary (in no order).

Based in Montpellier, he is one of the few DJs who consistently takes you on a musical journey combining old with new and mixing them so effortlessly.

When you hear Eco Live mix, you know you’re in a for a treat. One of the few DJs I followed restlessly when I was first introduced to Kizomba and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Born in Luanda, Angola. Delmiro Yorfeu do Nascimento also known as DJ Mirokikola began his musical journey in Lisbon and was later inspired by DJ João Reis in the well-known Portuguese club ‘Luanda’ where he saw the crowd going wild and chanting ‘João Reis’.

One of the most consistent DJs out there on YouTube, managing to maintain quality with quantity.

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