10 Items For Your Dance Bag


By now, you should all know that I’m not one to keep all the goodies to myself. I’ve recently had to rethink packing for the dance floor. The what and what not to put in a dance bag especially on occasions when the hotel hasn’t been in the same building as the parties.

Sharing is caring they say and with that in mind, I’ve decided to list all the things I think you should have in your dance bag. I’m sure by now you’re starting to appreciate packing all your festival essentials.


I’ve had incidents when I’ve lost myself in the music only to be found by a whiff of an unattended breathe. Please take care of your mouth during a long night of dances. If in doubt, ask a friend when a mint or two is needed.

Face Towel

I admit not doing this frequently, sometimes I find my sweat making way into my eyes and as you know that stuff burns and most importantly it interrupts the dance. Be smarter than me; make sure your face towel is in your bag or in your possession tucked somewhere convenient and appropriate.

Bottle of water

It gets hot and you and I know that you can’t fight dehydration forever. After a while, only a cool breeze and a bottle of water determines you’ll return to that dancefloor again.

Pair of comfortable shoe

Some ladies are reduced to their socks when a comfortable shoe is to no avail, not that there’s anything wrong with that but you seriously don’t want someone stepping on your big toes with their big shoes do you!?

Spare top/t-shirt

Okay my hands are up again, sometimes the music is so good – quickly going into the toilet to change is just too long but experience, or the little I have has coached me that a spare t-shirt does wonder to my general comfort in a long night of dancing.

Hair band

You don’t want your hair flying everywhere or blocking your fellow dancer’s view. This stuff can lead to dance accidents, seriously.

Energy Bar

What is a car without petrol, diesel or whatever fuel is now being used? Don’t be cruel to your body; pack a few energy bars so you don’t spend the night walking around like a zombie. Remember, the workshops are a mere 7hrs away and you need your body ready for that work rate.

Hand Sanitizer

Did they wash their hands after using the toilet? Did they sneeze and forget to wash their hands? I’m not trying to be all OCD here I promise but you can’t trust everyone to look after their hygiene.

Lip balm

You don’t want to leave your those lips looking all looking rough and dry do you now!?


Please make sure you smell as fresh as you can. You don’t want your dance partner holding their breath waiting for the song to finish now do you!?

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