How did you get into dancing?

I got into dancing as a child, wanting to do aerobics in the neighbourhood studio like my mama. It ended up being all kind of popular dances as in Hip-hop, Funk, Jazz, etc and continued with many years of salsa and finally Kizombaa and Semba. I kind of bumped into it because I was speaking Portuguese more or less and discovered the PALOP scene in Hamburg. After that, you know the story ?

What projects are you currently working on?

At the moment my biggest project is finding what I really want to do. I have many interests and to focus is kind of hard right now but what’s really happening is, I am restarting local events here in Hamburg with Tudokizomba, preparing for Ginga Festival 2019 and cooking a great new project that you all will know about very soon. I’ve also just finished a video shoot with The Avengers dance crew, joined the ELLA organization where I’m representing the European Edition.

What’s been the most memorable moment of your journey as a dancer so far?

The exciting amount of happiness and fulfilment when kizomba started taking over my life. Everyday was an adventure and filled with excitement. Now it’s working with people, teaching, sharing knowledge and inspiring each other, this is what really has me going and makes me happy. It’s not just one moment, I am sorry, its many precious moments through the last 8 years ?

What advice would you give to up & coming dancers looking at you for inspiration?

Relax, enjoy, do it all, dance it all, keep an open mind and view, learn and train a lot, share your happiness and knowledge and motivation.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

You can expect new concepts, lots of traveling as before and more focus on programs to enhance knowledge and training of dancers and beginning teachers. You can expect lots of love for kizomba and semba, craziness and me laughing a lot as usual ?


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