At Meu Semba, we take pride in the number of festivals we recommend to you Kizomba and Semba addicts. We look at everything from the DJs, music, venue (floor), workshops and parties before recommending anything to you. And also if none of our team has been to a festival, we will NEVER recommend it.

We want to make sure you get the best value for money and your time.

Without further ado, these are the festivals that we think should be in your list for June, we know they are very late but we know you late bookers wouldn’t mind and we promise to put the July list much faster.

Semba no Pé

In its 3rd year, Semba no Pé, a Semba / Kuduro Festival returns for another year. It keeps its home in the touristic part of the beautiful LISBOA, right in front of the Tejo River.

Date: It will run from the 8th – 11th June 2018, get your tickets at the ready!
Location: Jazzy Dance Studios – Santos
Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa
1200-109 Lisboa

WORKSHOPS LOCATION: Jazzy Dance Studios Santos

For more information, click here


Sardinia Afro Beach Festival 2018 (The Kizomba Festival of Friendship)

Only in its second edition, the festival of friendship returns again this year with a gorgeous location in Sardinia, this is a true Kizomba holiday to unwind and dance.

Date: It will run from the 7th – 11th June 2018, get your tickets at the ready!
For more information, click here

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