10 Essentials For Your Next Festival

Packing for your first festival can be time-consuming and hectic but don’t you worry for you’re not alone. Teachers, DJs and dancers that jet almost every weekend still sigh at the thought of unpacking to pack again. Some of them even jest that they never truly unpack.

Even those jet setters still find themselves forgetting something. ‘I swear I put it in my bag’ they murmur to themselves as they queue up in Duty free spending money that should be saved for alcohol.

We feel you and that’s why we’ve decided to list some of the things that we consider essientials to your survival at any festival. We simply don’t want you heading to your hotel room at 2am, we want to last the whole night.


Compeed Blister Plasters

I’ve been told that this is a must-have for festivals, especially those where you dance all night. A lot of women and men go into festivals with a cut or two on their legs and having this on helps repels water, and stops dirt and germs from entering the wound, thus preventing infection. A must have when packing for any festival.

Flat Shoes

A lot of women cry at the thought of not bringing a spare flat to festivals. A few told me at my last festival that this can determine the amount of time you spend on the dancefloor, sat watching or in bed. After all, there is so much pain you can take from dancing all night in your heels, after a while your legs starts to give way and instead of enjoying your night in smiles, you end up leaving in pain. Be smart and pack a flat shoe. Infact, put this straight into your dance bag.


I’m not promoting drug abuse so take with caution but having this at hand can help you relieve pains and inflammation during a festival.


Nobody wants to be bathed in your body odour during a dance, so find/pack yourself a perfume/aftershave that works for you and apply moderately.

Gel Insoles

This aids in maintaining comfort with your footwear so this isn’t something you want to forget packing. It has a layer of soft gel which absorbs pressure and cushions every step providing shock absorption and pressure relief.


No one wants to face a smelly hair throughout their dance with you, so please pack a hairspray.

3 to 2 pin adaptor

It’s very inexpensive so purchase one before your trip and make sure it’s one of the first things to go into your suitcase unless you want to be walking around a new country without power. Be sensible; never unpack this from your suitcase.

Portable charger

Just like the adapter, buy one for the road and leave permanently in your suitcase.

Portable Speaker

Chewing Gum

If I have to talk about it’s importance then I should remind you to pack your toothbrush and paste.

Let me know if you think I missed something out!?

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