5 Gadgets For Every Dance Teacher

5 Gadgets For Every Dancer Teacher

Nothing beats a solid teacher and after teaching for a few years now, i am continuously redefining how i teach and the tools that allow me to do so with flexibility in presenting my ideas.

There is also an increasing need for promotion as the wave of new teachers emerging in the scene can be deafening.

The Gadgets below “help” both with delivering a solid class and with capturing the great moments during and after the class. 

For recording demos and snippets of the class/workshops. I currently use a Samsung S7 but I’m sure most smart phones around nowadays have good video recording quality.

For control, balance and stability for video recording. I currently use the Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Handheld Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer but if you think you want something more powerful than mine, they are lots of options to select from.

For storage of music, materials for lessons and planning. Watching videos and documentaries

Bluetooth remote control (for tablets)
This means you do not have to go back and forth pausing and resuming music during class or a festival, you can just pause whenever whilst interacting and engaging with students.

Portable mic
This is mostly used in festivals for crowds during workshops, it allows teachers to connect and cover a better range of space instead of shouting.

Let me know your thoughts if you think I left anything out…

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