Paulo Flores Mama Le'Le' Tafixe Kizomba Festival 2018

Paulo Flores Live @ Ta Fixe Kizomba festival 2018

Paulo FloresWe had the awesome pleasure of experiencing the great singer Paulo Flores live at Ta Fixe Kizomba festival 2018 and recorded a little of his perfomance.

Paulo Flores is an Angolan singer who has lived in both Luanda and Lisbon, often singing in both Kimbundu and Portugese.

Ta fixe Kizombva festival is run by Afro Latin connection and Meu Semba was represented in their 2018 Edition

Make sure you get your ticket for the next edition here

The song in the video is  Mama Le’le’ from the album “O País Que Nasceu Meu Pai” roughly translated as “The Country that Born/Birth My Father”

Here is the official video to the song

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