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Q/A with Cape Verdean singer – William Araujo

Following the release of his latest single ‘OMG’, I spoke with William Araujo about the inspiration behind the song, how he got to music and highlights on his musical journey so far. Hi William, thanks for talking to me today, how are you doing? I’m good thank you, I hope you’re ok too. I’m fine, thanks. Could you give me some background about yourself, how … Continue reading Q/A with Cape Verdean singer – William Araujo

My Top 5 Mixes online

As we are all returning to life in close contact and Djs begin to work again, the drought of new mixes on SoundCloud and Youtube specifically seems to be showing signs of an end. I’ve definitely noticed that the rate at which new mixes have been churned out by Djs significantly dropped during lockdown. A lot of Djs favoured live Facebook sessions instead and it … Continue reading My Top 5 Mixes online